3D Interaction Projector


An interactive projector with 3D structured light.


It support object recognition, character recognition, terrain structure recognition, human body shape recognition and image recognition functions.

The projector desined with portable fuselage, project with clear video quality, project to desktop or wall directly.

We can use our hand to touch the prejection area, to move, to choose,to turn over the content we want.
Also it can identify books, animals may jump out of books, flying on the desktop, showing the sound, shape and color of book content.

When at resturant,by combining colorful menus and decorative patterns with the dining table in a projective way, customers can directly move on the dining table to preview the appearance of each dish after serving. Without the recommendation of the waiter, they can consult other table guests for orders, best-selling dishes, or direct orders.

We can use the interative projector in education, training, scientific research, office meetings, business demonstrations, restaurant orders, game hall table games, family entertainment, etc.